Fungal I.D. Profile and Other Blood Tests for the Symptoms of Mold Exposure


The Fungal Identification Test (FID) identifies colonies of fungus, mold, and yeast growing in the human body. Knowing what species of fungus /mold or yeast that are actually growing in your body or sinuses is absolutely important to linking a person’s exposure to a particular environment, and matching it to those contaminates detected by the FID.


Fungal growth inside of the human body can become very dangerous, and in many cases has been documented to cause disability and death in human beings. If the species of fungus growing within the body are pathogenic (disease causing) they may be producing “Mycotoxins” meaning the internal fungal growth in continually producing toxins and continually poisoning the host. This is why the FID test is very important, it can help determine the link to the environment and the reasons why mycotoxins may be in the persons body.